News / September 2013

Aggressive pricing, no bubble in infrastructure by Wouter Klijn

September 2013 – theinstoreport

“The current increased interest in infrastructure investments fuelled by the search for yield has driven up prices of certain assets, but a bubble it is not, according to Bastion Infrastructure Group.

‘Some of the headwinds are extremely loose monetary policy, which causes people to chase yield and real assets. That is driving some of the aggressive pricing,’ Bastion managing partner Ron Lepin said in an interview with theinstoreport.”

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Secret of good infrastructure investing: do the due diligence by Andrew Main

September 2013 – The Australian

“It’s a simple fact nowadays that mention of the word Ontario in any discussion of infrastructure investment immediately serves as a badge of quality, since the pension schemes in that Canadian province have paved the way for lesser mortals like us to follow.

Ron Lepin, managing partner of Toronto-based Bastion Infrastructure Group, is the man who founded, built and led the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan direct infrastructure investing program, best known of all.”

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Anne Marie Stetler joins Bastion Infrastructure Group

September 2013

“Ron Lepin, Managing Partner of Bastion said: ‘Anne Marie has a unique and diverse background in the infrastructure sector with having experience in principal investing, asset management and investor relations. A key goal for Bastion is to develop robust and interactive relationships with our investors, including in relation to our co-investment program. Anne Marie’s background will allow her to bring together both a deep understanding of the investment and asset management processes and an understanding of the needs and issues of institutional investors to allow us to better serve our clients. We are delighted to have Anne Marie joining our firm.’”

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